Tuesday, October 24, 2006

live welsh rarebit!

So what happened at the little show Caws Pobi played? Music happened. A thin boy in black with linkisch hat and a Team Dan button sang his songs of darkness and dismay...and Newport. The reviews were all positive. The sound setup worked well, my band-in-a-box mp3 player idea along with Lyle and my CP custom amp. I started with my interpretation of Leon Redbone's "Seduced" (which, itself, was an interpretation of a song by Gary R. Tigerman), and I was pleased with how it sounded. So then why was Caws so sour after the show? "Baldershit," he said to me afterwards. "Wuz a doggone pissaround. S'not what the songs should be. Mere compromised art tossed to familiar ears, our eyes on the watch while some rip-knees burn cloves outside waitin for the loud boys."

What made him a bit flustered was the fact that our show had been double-booked. Even though Fade 13 and I set the date on Interzone's calendar back in June, a few days before the show somebody at the coffee shop told the bands Tourist and Elefante that they could do a show on the same night. My understanding is that Interzone's owner was gone at the time, so one of the less-aware workers made the mistake. Anyway, what all this means is that we had to be done by 9pm. I didn't get set up and playing until about 8, and around 8:24 Fade 13 gave me the signal to wrap it up, because he still needed to perform. My 40-minute set had been severed down to half its length, all because some uninvited (albeit talented) bands were allowed into our time slot.
Oh well. Such are the shortcomings of live performance. The show itself was certainly not a disaster, but right now I am in no great hurry to play again. Caws is currently wrapped up in his idea blanket, murmuring about a new post-Manticore aesthetic.

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